Director Finance Message

I am being the Director Finance of PHA Foundation, Islamabad, having experience at various highly responsible positions, dealing financial matter in various government institutions. 

I have to say with great honor that PHA Foundation has been blessed with increasing financial strengths. Many of my predecessors faced serious challenges to provide even the most basic services to the contractors, consultants, and staff. But today, despite the impact of the recent economic downturn, I am fortunate enough to serve this organization in the present sorry state of financial saga. At present, the organization is certainly stronger than it was few years ago. PHA has stepped into a new era of economic challenges for high quilt housing during fiscal year 2016-17.

The organizations long-term obligations remained relatively unchanged from one year ago. Although certain forms debt financing have been very attractive in recent months, we have decided to maintain a conservative leverage position rather than take on additional debt. We have funded capital investments from internal resources, a prudent move in this difficult economic environment, and maintained a long term debt to minimum capital ratio.

Management and general costs have continued to escalate, driven up recently by investments in technologies and employee development. Since every rupee spent at the organization is funded largely by rupee provided by allottees and members, we recognize that every possible effort should be undertaken to limit the growth of these costs.

The past year has been a challenging one, and I foresee more economic difficulties in the year to come. Nonetheless, I am confident that the blessing that have accrued to this very special place will carry us securely into the future. Above all else, Almighty has blessed PHA with talented staff, wonderful engineers, consultants, and contractors that support this organization in the pursuit of its unique mission.

Rana Abdul Shairaz Director Finance 051-9206765
Shoaib Khan Deputy Director Finance 051-9244123
Ahmed Naseer Cheema Deputy Director Finance 051-9244221